Toronto Argonauts Uniform 2023 – New Era Jersey

We have the new Toronto Argonauts Uniform 2023. This jersey comes from New Era brand. The Toronto Argonauts, the defending Grey Cup Champions, have revealed their brand-new uniforms for the 2023 season. These uniforms pay homage to the team’s rich traditions while infusing fresh inspiration for the next 150 years of franchise history.

Designed in collaboration with New Era, the Argonauts’ new jersey is a Pro Force Edge jersey, marking the first of its kind in the Canadian Football League. It boasts sleeker lines and a refined shape. The jersey incorporates a unique mesh with a custom laser-cut pattern, creating a captivating ‘wave’ effect.

Among the striking graphic designs are six oars on each shoulder, symbolizing the 12 players on the field. Additionally, the traditional stripe on the pants is replaced by a single oar on each side. The numbers on the jersey are a bespoke set influenced by Royal Canadian Navy ship numbers. They have been modernized and sized to fill out the jersey elegantly. Inside the collar, one can find the team’s motto, ‘Pull Together.’

Every element of the new uniform is a tribute to the Argonauts’ nautical heritage. It celebrates the team’s founders, the Argonaut rowing club, as well as the mythical heroes of Greek mythology who sailed on the ship Argo in search of the Golden Fleece. The overall color palette of the uniform nods to the early 1960s, featuring prominent use of Cambridge Blue and white. This classic combination is complemented by the addition of Oxford blue, resulting in a fresh and modern look.

Toronto Argonauts Jersey 2023 Away

The new Toronto Argonauts uniforms blend the team’s historic roots with contemporary design elements. They showcase the team’s commitment to excellence while representing their enduring connection to their nautical origins. As the Argonauts set sail into the next chapter of their illustrious history, their uniforms will serve as a symbol of their past achievements and their aspirations for the future.

Where to buy the Toronto Argonauts Uniform 2023?

You can buy them in the Toronto Argonauts Store.

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