Austin FC Jersey 2023 – Adidas | Home, Away

Here it is, the Austin FC Jersey 2023 by Adidas. Both, the Austin FC Home Kit and the Away Kit are inspired of the different voices of the Austin community (and with very similar colors which is strange).

The new Austin 2023 home kit is officially called “Las Voces” Kit (The Voices Kit). The multiple Verde & Black stripe patterns “establish a uniquely Austin perspective on the coming together of voices from across Austin through the Austin FC community”.

“Las Voces Kit is unlike any other jersey in MLS,” said Austin FC President Andy Loughnane. “The newest addition to our jersey collection showcases Austin’s vibrancy, while remaining true to Austin FC’s signature Verde & Black stripe tradition.”

Austin FC Jersey 2023 – Home Kit

The primary color of the Austin FC jersey is a bright and bold verde (green), paying homage to the city’s nickname, “The Greenest City in America.” The jersey features vertical stripes in various shades of verde, creating a visually striking and dynamic look.

The Austin FC 2023 home shirt features a design that combines stripes of differing widths in green and black, matching the earlier info about it boasting a look similar to the Barcelona 2021 home kit. All logos are white. Both the shorts and the socks of the Austin FC 2023 home kit are simple. They are black with white logos.

Additionally, new features can be found throughout the jersey, including the supporters’ lyric “We Will Sing With You Forever” stitched across the neckline and a new, custom ATX (Austin – Texas) logo on the back of the neckline that serves as a nod to the team’s home.

The jersey is completed with the adidas logo and the team’s sponsor logos, which are strategically placed to complement the overall design. It’s an ok design, we find strange that both editions (home and away) are green.

Austin FC Jersey 2023 – Away Edition

As for the away, The Austin FC kit that was introduced in 2022 will of course be carried over to 2023 as is a tradition in the league. Similarly, the new home kit will be utilized for two seasons, 2023 and 2024 in the MLS.

The Austin FC jersey serves as a symbol of identity for both the team and the passionate fan base known as Los Verdes. Fans proudly wear the jersey, showcasing their support and embodying the spirit of Austin. The jersey has become a visual representation of the club’s connection to the community and their shared love for the beautiful game.

Where to buy the Austin 2023 Jersey?

You can buy the The Austin FC Jersey 2023 by Adidas in the MLS Store.

In summary, the Austin FC jersey captures the essence of Austin’s energy, community, and natural beauty. It showcases the city’s vibrant spirit while uniting fans and players under a shared emblem of pride.

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