New York Red Bulls Jersey 2023 – Adidas

This is the latest addition to the NY Red Bulls. The New York Red Bulls jersey 2023 edition is an electric yellow, yes, yellow. This variant showcases the team’s passion, energy, and connection to the city. Or they expect.

The 2023 New York Red Bulls Kit edition has been designed in cooperation with luxury sportswear brand Daniel Patrick. The New York Red Bulls 2023 home shirt by Adidas breaks new ground with its unique design, setting it apart from all previous club shirts.

New York Red Bulls Jersey 2023 – Home Adidas

Usually the primary colors of the New York Red Bulls jersey are a vibrant red and clean white, this is a new take. The shirt features a striking ‘Pearl Citrine’ base color, which adds a touch of sophistication to the overall look. Complementing this base are stylish accents in greyish-blue and red, creating a visually captivating combination.

Adorned on the front of the jersey is the team’s official crest, which combines elements of the iconic bull and the letters “NY,” representing the team’s connection to the city of New York. There is also an abstract greyish-blue graphic on the NY Red Bulls 2023 home shirt, which also includes some very subtle NY detailing. Which is very nice.

I like the shirt, but the greyish-blue pattern may confuse some people. It gives a little dirty vibe. We can see here more detailed in the MLS and Apple TV logo. It has a lot of nice New York details around the shirt.

Where to buy it?

You can buy in the ML Store.

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